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Introducing a new solution specially designed for social selling. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an expert seller, we enable you to sell faster and better.

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Orders capturing is a breeze with Evo.
Spend more time selling and engaging your fans and less time on manual admin tasks.

+1 Comments Ordering

Allow your customers to add items to cart quickly with customisable "+1" comments, maximising your basket size.
  • Ideal for small-ticket items
  • Customers add products to cart quickly with "+1" codes
  • Suitable for sellers who prefer to give their customers the freedom to checkout later

Express Checkout

Encourage your customers to pay immediately for each product listing, maximising your conversion rate.
  • Ideal for big-ticket items, or items with limited quantities
  • Customers make payments immediately when a deal is introduced
  • Suitable for sellers who prefer to sell product by product
Optimized for sales conversions

A brand new, seamless commerce experience your customers will love

Our smooth ordering and payment flow minimizes clicks and scrolling, creating an excellent buying experience, which helps you boost sales conversion rate and increase ticket size.

  • Offer your customers the freedom to pay via credit card or PayNow
  • Automate order confirmation messages to give your customers a peace of mind
  • Provide an easy-to-use and mobile optimised ordering flow for your customers
Designed for livestream sellers

The intuitive order management system that brings order to chaos

Don’t waste time on tedious manual tasks to receive and consolidate orders. With our software, your orders reconciliation is automated, helping you save time and money and allowing you to focus on selling more.

  • Add and update products quickly and easily when you sell new products
  • Create and sell product bundles and special deals instantly
  • Reconcile orders and payments instantly, reducing time spent on manual work

“As one of the largest and fastest-growing livestream sellers in Singapore, we use Evo to power hundreds of transactions daily. With Evo Live, our lean team can easily keep up with fulfilment and save an immense amount of time from administratively intensive tasks, allowing us to host livestreams every evening with a peace of mind.”

Addy Lee, founder and host of Mdada
Why Evo

We enable and empower livestream sellers to do more with robust and innovative technology

Improve sales conversion
Our seamless ordering and payments flow can improve conversion rates and drive more revenue for you.
Flexibility to fit all sales flow
No matter what you’re selling and how you’re selling, our software is flexible enough to adapt.
Save time and manpower costs
Our software can help you streamline your business process and automate menial tasks of capturing orders.
Better customer experience
Our purchase flow allows your customers to checkout smoothly, quickly, and most important, securely.

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