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Welcome to Evo Commerce
where nothing is usual.

We took shape when co-founder Roy Ang was with Grab. Yeah, that fancy super-app. His role saw him drinking 3 - 4 times a week with partners, clients, and fellow colleagues; and he thought to himself,

“I can’t live like this.”

Okay, we’re being dramatic. But really, how do you drink this often and remain productive the next day? His struggle to wake up in the morning was real. That was till his Japanese investors introduced hangover supplements from the land of the rising sun. And it worked!

This is how he started our first brand - Bounceback.

Since then, we’ve seen consumers demanding for more. The team decided that we were going to be the movers and shakers of the Direct to Consumer (DTC) market.

We introduced Stryv, our salon-grade hair products line that offered better tech, innovation and quality at accessible prices. Because everyone deserves it!

Now things were getting serious. Like, for reals. We wanted to transform the way people took care of themselves. How people purchased, consumed, the full works.

We’re a digital-native collective of brands that we love. Why digital? So we can pass on the cost-savings to you, silly! We also started creating treasure troves of information so consumers like yourself made better purchase decisions.

At Evo, we’re consumers too. We know you. We’re here for you.

And we’re all about enabling everyone to build better versions of themselves everyday! The fun way.

So join us on this journey, won’t you?


  • We’re employees ourselves, and generally, we wanted to treat people how we wanted to be treated. This includes finding out the motivations of each employee that we partner with.

  • Our core values dictate how we operate as a team. We follow these principles religiously and it helps us to build up first-principle thinking and approach. Each of these values direct how we operate and collaborate with each other.

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